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Marina Schauffler is an award-winning environmental journalist who explores the complex interconnections between ecology and culture.

Receiving the Doris O’Donnell Innovations in Investigative Journalism Fellowship in 2022, Marina completed a series of in-depth articles mapping the pathways and impacts in Maine of “forever chemicals” (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS).

Marina’s Sea Change column highlights ways to live more sustainably and address environmental and societal challenges. First launched in 2014, it is published and distributed through the Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting. Past Sea Change columns, archived here, are available for reprint.

The author of Turning to Earth (University of Virginia Press), Marina holds a Ph.D. in natural resources and an MA in English/creative nonfiction writing (both from the University of New Hampshire), and an interdisciplinary honors BA from Brown University.

Before becoming an independent journalist, Marina worked on coastal issues in state government and served as a communications consultant to numerous environmental organizations and agencies.